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Peru tours are available year-round although the climate varies in the countries three major regions. The coast is predominantly arid and mild, the Andean highlands are temperate to cold, and the Amazon jungle in the east is tropically warm and humid. Generally, tourism picks up in the dry season (May through October) with July and August having the most crowds. If visiting Peru during December through April, be sure to pack rain gear as these are the wettest months of the year.

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On the desert coast, summer (December through April) is hot and dry, while winter (May through October) receives milder temperatures with high humidity. Much of the coast, including Lima, is cloaked in a gray mist called garĂșa during the winter and only extreme northern beaches are warm enough for swimming.

Rain is scarce in the mountainous highlands from May to October with warm daytime conditions giving way to frigid nights, especially in June and July. However, these are the best months for trekking in the mountains or along the Inca Trail. Hiking becomes treacherous from December through March with heavy and abundant downpours.

Although the tropical Amazon jungle is consistently humid with significant rainfall year-round, it also experiences two contrasting seasons. The dry season (May through October) makes for a more pleasant visit to the Amazon basin as mosquitoes are fewer, while November through April brings frequent rain showers causing the rivers to swell for better opportunities at spotting wildlife.

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